20 Pounds Apple Wood Pellets 100% All-Natural for Pellet Grills


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1.Natural Apple Hardwood: All of the grilling pellets are made of 100% natural apple hardwood, which has no binders, no fillers, no additives, no spray scents, no glues and no chemicals. Therefore, these wood pellets can burn cleanly and safely as well as avoid any artificial taste.
2.100% Fruity Smoke for Flavor: The wood pellets can make a smoky scent and aroma. Besides, the natural apple wood also produces 100% fruity smoke to add smoky flavor to different ingredients, including beef, lamb, chicken, pork, seafood, vegetable and more, making your food even more delicious.
3.Longer Burn and Less Ash: With its compact size, this wood pellet can burn for a longer time, which helps you to fully cook different ingredients and ensures less waste. Apart from that, wood pellets won’t produce plenty of ash like the logs, making them easier to clean after burning.
4.Designed with Sealing Bag: Sealing strip of the storage bag prevents pellets from getting in touch with outside humid air, prolonging the pellets’ service life. On the other hand, the sealing bag is also designed with a lot of tips on its surface to help you to make full use of these apple wood pellets.


Are you looking for a bag of wood pellets for your pellet grill? This premium apple wood pellet is your perfect choice! Made from 100% nature apple wood, the wood pellets blends no extra additive at all. And the grilling pellets can be ignited quickly and burn hot for a good length of time. As it burns, the smoke turns richer and less sharp. At the same time, the meat, seafood, vegetables, bread and other food on the grill will be redolent of a nice, fruity and smoky flavor. After cooking, you can seal the bag for future use.


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Natural apple wood without additives for healthy use. Add fruity and smoky flavor to your food Perfect for cooking beef, pork, lamb, chicken, vegetables, etc. Ideal for charcoal, smokers, gas and electric grills etc. Pure hardwood material with less ash and clean burning. Ignite faster and burn longer for enjoyable cooking ex perience. Large package of 20 pounds for many grilling sessions. Sealing bag design for easy storage and long service life

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Dimensions 13 × 5 × 20 in

20 lbs